Gion Matsuri 2013

I was lucky enough to visit Gion Matsuri again this year, my post from Gion Matsuri 2012 is here.

We have to work on the 17th so could only visit for Yoiyoiyama, where the roads are closed and the parade floats are stationed around the main area. It’s lovely to walk around, see people in yukata, eat festival food, enjoy a beer, listen to the music and look at the floats.

Before the roads are closed at 6pm we did some shopping, had dinner and of course tried the UFO machines our latest obsession.

Walk down the river, where we saw lots of herons and a lazy muskrat.

Finally winning the swimming ring Rilakkuma.

Relaxing and sharing a beer by the river.

Getting busy.


Mos Burger mascot.


One of the floats for the parade, men wearing yukata sit in them and play music like tinkering bells.



Before walking back the station we got some festival food, I got a frankfurter on a stick!

9 thoughts on “Gion Matsuri 2013

  1. Oo sounds really yummy a Frankfurter! Yay you guys won it :) This festival looks like so much fun~ I feel sorry for the person in the burger because I don’t see arms >.<

    • Hehe he has no arms! It was so hot too.
      Why does festival food always come on sticks! I always end up poking myself when trying to eat a frankfurter on a stick!
      Do you have any festival plans yet?

      • Well the one by us is in August and I hope we can go to Tokyo for one…I’m really bad at finding out stuff. I still need to buy a yukata!

    • Seriously! Lol. There’s more to come too!
      There was a green power rangers style mos mascot too but I didn’t get a picture :( the guy must have been melting inside!x

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  3. Pingback: Festivals: Tamatsukuri Inari & Gion Maturi | liemzie

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