Rilakkuma: Wonderland Caravan Event photos!

I got there an hour before the first meet and photo session, but the 50 spaces were already full ;_; it was still good, they had fashioned a whole new pop up store for the event.


I loved the huge carousel.



The shop had a lot of stock for the new store exclusives, but no carousel pony plushies (which is what I really wanted!).


At 1pm, they came out! It was pretty busy by then, luckily I found a spot on the stairs.




I felt bad for kiiroitori he was overshadowed by Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma! He looked adorable when he flapped his little wings.

They had special UFO machines with the good lame Rilakkumas, a mother and daughter team cleaned up and won three!

Here’s what I bought…

The special store drumming Rilakkuma, Sky Tree towel (they had a few sky tree goods) and Wonderland pouch. I got another icoca sticker, wonderland fan and finger puppet! The finger puppet is so cute, a snot bubble is coming out his nose. Haha.


The fan is cute and practical! I’m using it now!


8 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Wonderland Caravan Event photos!

  1. OMG I feel like taking that big carousel to home! It’s very cute :)
    And what a great haul! You manage to get the fan too! It’s summer right in Japan now? Hehehe
    And I’m sorry that you cannot get the horsies one :( It should be available at every stores! I checked san-x net shop but it has sold out as well :( Crossed fingers san-x gonna bring that plush to Umeda! <3

    • Me too, though I’d rather take Rilakkuma himself home and have him cook and clean for me!
      Thank you, I did get the Korilakkuma horse plush from the website before they sold out! Yay.
      What did you get from this series?x

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