Rilakkuma: UFO evening

So today has been a good day :D despite it being the longest and hardest day at work, my companies owner surprised me with a generous money envelope. Then I shared a beer with a friend on the train home, met up with J and and went on a mission to free all the Rilakkumas in Osaka!

We started in Namba and visited Mainstreet where we failed to free a small keychain rilakkuma in a swimming ring.


Even though the attendant moved it closer for us after a few tries we still couldn’t get it, we gave up after ¥1000.

Next we visited one around the corner, where they didn’t have anything I thought worth trying for. After that we went to Taito Station. There wasn’t much either, only some older series items that I wasn’t interested in, there were lots of Toy Story and Monsters Inc items. The next place was Sega World. Here they had mini keychain Rilakkumas, including the happy coat ones.


I tried so hard for the happy coat Rilakkuma (as I did at Spocha last weekend), but he still eluded me. I put in ¥500 and on my second go three Korilakkumas fell down! I kept trying but couldn’t get the one I really wanted.

J tried another machine for the book Rilakkuma, and after ¥1000 he won! Woohoo. Still he tried for more though, to get the matching Korilakkuma. It seemed our luck had run out though he tried again for a medium Rilakkuma and for the small happy coat Rilakkuma spending another ¥1000!

I felt pretty pleased with my winnings as we headed out. Passing by Tower Records I couldn’t believe it was still open! I ducked in to look at the Rilakkuma series. They only had Rilakkuma plushies left, I decided to give them a miss (the green hair and studded jacket just didn’t do it for me) and just got the Tower Records towel.

Strolling around Namba looking for our next arcade we saw a strange looking pub…the front was a train!


We went in for a drink, and had a great experience. The older landlady brought our beers to the table, opened and poured them for us, making sure the labels were facing us the whole time. The seats were like old fashioned train carriages and had lush red velvet seats.

Book rilakkuma felt at home.

(Eating crackers surrounded by books).

On our way to the station we happened to pass another amusement arcade on Dotonbori, it had very old stock. A UFO machine full of walking Rilakkumas with mikan on their heads from new year. However, a machine with giant plushies caught our eye. If you knocked the box into the tray you could choose a prize from the display! J wouldn’t give up and on his 14th attempt it fell into the tray! Woohoo!

Giant Rilakkuma get.


So today alone I got 3 keychain Korilakkumas, a Tower Records x Rilakkuma towel, medium book Rilakkuma and giant XL Rilakkuma.


In the morning I’m headed to the Umeda Rilakkuma Wonderland event even for more!


6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: UFO evening

    • I think we were just not willing to give up this time and spend more and more money! Lol.
      I bet you have none left too, your Rilakkuma store haul was epic! I’m going to the Umeda event today!
      I only got the towel as I’m going to Okinawa soon :)

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