Tendon Tenya in Osaka!

There are 5 reasons why I miss Tokyo…
1) Closet child
2) Disneyland
3) The people I know there
4) Tendon Tenya
5) The museums, events and exhibits

Well now I only have 4 reasons, Tendon Tenya has opened in Namba, Osaka!

The first chance I could I went for some dinner!


I ordered my usual, mixed tendon – whiting (fish), squid, prawn, pumpkin and green beans. It also comes with miso soup and green tea. All for ¥500!

The sauce is so delicious! The bottles I bought in Tokyo back in March were almost gone so I bought some more.


2 thoughts on “Tendon Tenya in Osaka!

  1. I will try this restaurant for sure now :) aww I’m so happy you can have something you love close to you!! Closet child what is that :) also are you a fan of uk shows? I’ve been meaning to ask~

    • Thank you :) Closet Child is a second hand lolita shop, they have 3 branches in Tokyo, and an online store (but its not v good).
      I watch some UK shows, but mostly American ones tbh!

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