Hiking the train line in Takarazuka

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a pleasant walk along some old train tracks near Takarazuka. It was a lovely day and a beautifully scenic walk.

The beginning of the trail.

The route was pretty quiet, we didn’t see many other people at all.

A lot of old sleepers were still buried in the tracks, they were fun to walk along, until they started hurting your feet, you stood on a nail or tripped over one!

There are 6 tunnels to walk though, they aren’t lit, and there are snakes around, so take a torch! One tunnel is particularly long.

About half way along you come to an old railway bridge. Be careful though, it’s pretty old and rickety.


More tunnels!

The end! At the end there is a tiny town, just the one place to grab a bite beer.

And that’s what we did, sat out the back along the river and enjoyed a cold beer and some kushi katsu (that may or may not have been deer!!).

We took our time walking and stopping to take pictures, it took about 2 hours station to station. Take some drinks and snacks as there are no vending machines or combinis along the way, and of course a good torch.

Thanks to lots of our friends who recommended this walk to us, including Harvey at JapanNewbie who has more details on the route.

J found this YouTube video of a train on the tracks when it was still in use! Click click!


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