Osaka International Lolita Meet: July

My lovely Osaka lolita friend Lona went back to Korea the other day :( I will miss hanging out with her so much!

The International Osaka lolita group managed to meet on Sunday as I mentioned in my Tanabata post.

First we went shopping! Some of the shops have sales on, AP mostly has 30% off and Innocent World 30-50% off. There wasn’t anything I was willing to part with my money for so didn’t buy anything.

it was really hot and we were hungry so we stopped at Anatomie, the cafe where Atelier Perroit had their tea party. Everyone seemed to like it, the service was pretty slow, and the waitress a little flustered (she made a few ordering errors), however, the food was delicious!

My drink! Umeshu and soda (despite the fact I said rock three times).

Pulling silly faces.

Afterwards we went to take purikura and then on to Tanabata celebrations at Shitennoji shrine.

Group hug!


6 thoughts on “Osaka International Lolita Meet: July

  1. im going to kyoto for studies soon, in sept this year. i was wondering if i could join the osaka international loli grp and meet up with you guys :D
    hope to hang out soon!

  2. i tried searching through facebook but the closest i can get is “princess complex- international lolita” is that the correct one?
    im going for studies 8D im studying japanese policy and global studies in doshisha university :D

    • Sorry I can’t link you to it ATM I’m on my iPad but the groups called “Osaka International Lolitas” I hope you can find us!
      Ooh that sounds very difficult! x

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