Rilakkuma: UFO Rilakkuma, Spo-cha and Wonderland Series

Since I won (or rather J won) the yukata kumas I want more! :)

We tried again at the same machine for Takoyaki Rilakkuma from the same series.


We asked the assistant to move him forward so we could try for him, ¥500 gives you 6 tries. Somehow we hooked the tag of a different Rilakkuma and he fell out! The assistant came rushing over shaking his tambourine and proffering a carrier bag for it and I was like, look its not the same one! He was just as surprised as we were. We tried another ¥500 but still couldn’t win the takoyaki rilakkuma and he was the last one….

Instead we won….


Hot dog rilakkuma! ^^ he rode in my basket all the way home.

Today we went to Spocha but just as we arrived I lost balance on my bike and fell into a small wall and scraped all my leg. It is still super painful and bruised ;_; as I was waiting for J to come back with some antiseptic and bandages I noticed the lovely Sapphira from Elegant Poupee on the Spocha big tv!!!

The first floor of Spocha is amusements! We tried air hockey, taiko drumming and the UFO catchers!

I won a small keychain!


As you can see afterwards we decided to have lunch to rest my leg, and then we tried bowling!


The bowling shoes come out vending machines! Ahh Japan.

Even though my leg hurt I managed to get to the Rilakkuma store to check out the first wave of the Wonderland Series. I decided against one of the plushies as I prefer the other ones from the series, the pink hand towel was sold out already! Only the white was left.


I got a file, mechanical pencil, hand towel, notepad and phone charm. As a free gift I got a 10th anniversary sticker that goes on your IC card for trains.

I can’t wait for next weekend when the big event in Umeda is on, and its Gion Matsuri in Kyoto!


7 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: UFO Rilakkuma, Spo-cha and Wonderland Series

  1. I’m sure you guys will get it next time!!
    Aww your poor leg :( I hope it feels better soon! But your haul is awesome~he he I laughed at the first wave, so true.

    • Thank you, it hurts less but looks a mess! I’m on the beach in Okinawa in 3 weeks, I hope it’s gone by then!
      Have you got anything from the Wonderland series yet?x

      • Yes, I’m in the midst of making a post…well now that I think about it I just got the free Suica thing he he but I am saving it up for this Saturday then I’ll go crazy with buying ;) Oh but I’m waiting on the tins and post cards I per-ordered at Lawson~

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