I hope you all enjoyed Tanabata (Star Festival) last night, it didn’t rain so hopefully the lovers were able to meet!

Last year we were in Asakusa, Tokyo for the festival, we saw a dance parade and got rained on. This year we celebrated Osaka style!

We went to Shitennoji Shrine on Saturday night (6th).




We walked the milky-way and then sat to have a drink and snack, it had just been thunder and lightening pretty bad so we were lucky we didn’t get rained on too much.


Then on Sunday I met with some local lolitas and some of us went back in the day.



There were lots more people and a small stage with dance performances.

Afterwards J and I met up and cycled into town via Tenjinbashi and watched the blue balls in the Okawa River.



It was really fun watching people throw them in and them lighting up as they hit the water! Some of the boats were emptying nets of them into the water too! I wouldn’t like the job of scooping them all out again!

Nara has had some cute Tanabata decorations up all week too.


I thought this one was really cute <3


12 thoughts on “Tanabata

  1. Aaaaah, I SO wish I could have intended this meeting (>_<) !
    But since I couldn't, I'm looking forward ours :) !

      • Yup, it was super fun, even though I only tried it once : I played 1000yens, I won 3500yens ! Happy~ ! And then, I went to a Maid Café for the first time… it felt weird, but it was also fun in the end ^^ !
        So, yeah, it was reeaaally nice, but still, I hope I’ll be able to attend the festivity of Tanabata matsuri someday, since your post made it look like it was great !

        I’m only free on next Sunday, and on July 21st only, because on the 28th, we’re going to Hiroshima and then, I’m back to France (;_;). Please let me know here or by mail when you’re okay :3 !

      • I only tried it once and didn’t know what I was doing! Congrats on your win! :)
        I’m free the 21st but not this weekend sorry :( let’s make a plan! x

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