Misty skies

When Angelic Pretty released Misty Sky in November 2012, I saw it in store with my friends. I was tempted by the navy skirt but didn’t have a lot of spare cash or coordinating items so decided to leave it. How much am I kicking myself for doing that now?! The series is going for crazy money on auction sites! This person is asking for ¥70,000 when the original price was ¥25000.


Also, after visiting the Kimono Beauty exhibit I’ve been on the look out for vintage kimonos.

Imagine my surprise when I found this!


A misty sky style kimono possibly from the 70s or 80s? There isn’t a full shot as I just threw it on to see. I think if I were to wear it to an event I’d need someone professional to dress me in it. The best bit about the kimono (apart from the cloudy arms) was the price, ¥1500.


4 thoughts on “Misty skies

  1. Wow what a great deal on the kimono!! Oh I was so tempted to get the sky jsk(is that right?) I have yet to buy any Lolita dresses but once in Japan I’ll make my move >.< I always love looking at your awesome outfits!

  2. Misty Sky… I missed out and forever weeping. Even my friends who got it in the first wave still had to pay ridiculous prices. Yikessss.
    But that kimono is awesome! ♡

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