Second hand lolita shopping in Osaka

Osaka has quite a few brand lolita shops such as Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Atelier Boz, Atelier Pierrot, Emily Temple Cute, Jane Marple and the newly opened Putamayo.

The head offices of Juliette et Justine and Victorian Maiden aren’t far away either.

EDIT: I made a lolita shopping guide here

Unfortunately Osaka doesn’t have a Closet Child – the best shop for second hand lolita. Luckily there are two other second hand shops, one located in Pure Sound, a CD visual kei shop opposite Big Step (near Burger King) and another called Near next door but one to Angelic Pretty.


Near has a large selection of items, from accessories to dresses, coats and shoes. The shop has had a mini facelift recently and the stock is spaced out a little better now. All the clothes are in clear plastic covers though so it’s noisy and sometimes difficult to browse the stuffed racks. Rare or popular prints are always crazy prices, but if its your dream dress perhaps your willing to pay it?!
A AP Chocolate Rosette salopette in navy was ¥32000!

Pure Sound (2F) – Maiden Clothing

The lolita stock in Pure Sound has seen better days, a lot is very old and sometimes in poor condition. Their sock and accessory collection can be reasonably priced but often the bags and jsks are overpriced. The shop caters to the visual kei crowd so a lot of the lolita clothes are more gothic or punk in style.

There is another Maiden Clothing store just a little further down the same street, its on the 5th floor, but you can see it by the mannequin dressed in lolita outside. This one is much bigger with more selection.

Although I’ve lived here since August 2012 the other weekend I made my first second hand store lolita purchase in Osaka from Pure Sound.


It wasn’t a super bargain at ¥12000 but is good for summer I already posted about wearing it once and I hope to wear it a lot more!

9 thoughts on “Second hand lolita shopping in Osaka

  1. Yay ! Can’t wait to visit those shops ! There are also KERA SHOP ANGEL and a Shibuya 109 if I am not mistaken ?
    Only 22 days and I’m off toooo Osakaaaa <333 !

    • There’s a Kera shop in Big Step in Amemura? Is that the one you were thinking of? It’s not second hand though.
      Yay, I hope you enjoy your trip to Osaka! Maybe we will bump into each other! x

      • xD don’t worry, that was already a month ago, I can understand that you forgot !
        I look forward to meet you too ^^ !

      • Oh I see ^^ !
        In fact, I started following your blog so we would keep in touch (this way, I wouldn’t weirdly come from nowhere to say “hellooo, remember me ?”). But you seem to have a better memory than mine xD (and you blog is very instructive, so I’m killing two birds with one stone *w*).

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