Kimono Beauty exhibit Nara


I had a long (2hr!) lunch break the other day so took the time to visit the Kimono Beauty exhibit at the Nara Prefectural Museum of Art.

The exhibit cost ¥1000 for one adult and took me about 40 minutes to look around. Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed inside the museum. There were many kimonos displayed in sections such as Edo Aristocracy, and Samurai wives. The information relating to the kimonos was only given in Japanese, even though the exhibit is on loan from Boston. Which is a shame as I’m sure I’d have been more impressed knowing more about the techniques used and the age of the kimono.

My favorite item in the exhibit was a display of old kimono sample and design books. I loved the drawings and imagining the rich ladies of the time fawning over the designs and choosing their favorite.

If you get chance to visit you definitely should!

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