How to survive summer in Japan!

Things are definitely heating up around here! It was 28 degrees yesterday!

I am getting prepared for the summer season which is almost on top of us, last summer I really suffered so I’m not going to let the heat and humidity beat me this time.

In my battle armory I have…

Sweat towels.
For daintily dabbing your declotage if your a lady or knotting around your neck or head if your a man. You can pick up cute ones from Sanrio to designer ones from Vivienne Westwood.
¥105 (from Daiso) – ¥1500

A wet towel.
To cool off with. It stays wet and cold all day.

A fan or three.
To frantically wave infront of you anytime any place to try to create a cooling breeze. Luckily in the summer months these types of fans are given out freely so even if you forget yours you can easily get another.

Apply liberally and often. I don’t feel sunscreen in Japan is as effective as that in the UK, I still get sunburnt. So I have to avoid the sun as much as I can too.

Using a parasol might draw a few odd looks from people in the UK but in Japan it’s common to see ladies with parasols in the sun. You also see ladies with big hats, visors and arm protectors but I’m not at that level of sun avoidance yet. (That is mostly reserved for old ladies).
¥525 – 3000

Sea breeze, biore wipes.
No matter what you do, you will sweat. You will need these to freshen up and cool off.
¥200 for wipes, ¥700 for sea breeze

Insect repellant spray and patches.
I try and use a spray with as many chemicals as possible, I hate the mossies that much. On top of that I also use repellant patches which are more natural with citronella oil.
¥400 each

Insect repellant incense burner.
To stop the little buggers from getting into my apartment.

For any that make it past the fly screens and incense burner total annihilation awaits.

Insect bite roll on.
Unfortunately you will still get bitten. Although this roll on looks cute it actually helps take a little of the itch out of those bites. I tried some steroid based ones last year but they didn’t work as well as this!

Vending machines
Of course you need to drink plenty of fluids in hot weather. Not to worry though, in Japan there are vending machines around every corner and in the summer they are stocked full of Pocari Sweat and Aquarius – electrolyte containing waters to help you rehydrate.

Osaka has a lot of underground walk ways, so you can get around without even going outside in some areas. For example from Osaka JR station you can visit Yodoyobashi Camera, Hankyu San Bangai and HEP 5 without ever leaving air conditioned comfort.

Good luck in the heat!


10 thoughts on “How to survive summer in Japan!

  1. Wish this was available before I went to Japan last year! Haha, I love those free fans! I grabbed every single one people were handing out and I have a mini collection now XD

    I did notice that people all had mini towels and would dab so I bought one at Daiso’s and started doing the same XD

    • That’s kind of you to say so!
      I got some really cute fans last year too! The polar bear from JP post is one of my favs and another with watermelons on it and the SoftBank dog! I haven’t seen any one handing out new ones yet this year, we are still on tissues but as its 30degrees this week I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!x

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