Rilakkuma: Meeting Aloha Rilakkuma

Today there was an event at Kiddyland to meet Aloha Rilakkuma!







Was a little sad you couldn’t actually get up close, but the person inside did such a good job of channeling rilakkuma they were so cute. I wanted to take them home and have them stay at my place and for ever and ever! Haha.

Afterwards I went to the Rilakkuma store and had a go at the new raffle! I got the windchime for outside on my balcony! :)

I finally gave in and bought the aloha rilakkuma as the real life one was just so adorable <3

Bonus pic!


3 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Meeting Aloha Rilakkuma

  1. Wow that’s so cool~I love how cute he posed :D Look and you got the Rilakkuma plushie kya and wind chime. What a lovely day! Thanks for sharing these super cute photos.

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