BBQ and last of the sakura

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, I went back to Osaka Castle with a BBQ!



Sadly it rained really heavy Saturday night and the wind was howling so most of the beautiful blossom had been washed away.


It didn’t stop people enjoying the sunshine and what was left of the sakura though!




This guy was hogging the best spot for some corporate dinner.


You can see just how much blossom was lost in two days:


And one last picture…



3 thoughts on “BBQ and last of the sakura

    • About 4.30pm a huge catering trolley rocked up, set up several tables with napkins etc and loads of boxes of food and beer! What a waste though to hog the spot all day!x

      • Yeah that’s kind of mean but maybe his boss told him he had too. I want to see the Sakura blossoms. I’ll just see them through your blog this year ;)

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