Osaka Art and Handmade Fair

J saw this advertised on TV and told me I had to go! In the UK I often went to vintage or antique/craft fairs so this was very me.


At the last minute my friend couldnt come so I wasnt sure I was still going. Once again J told me I had to!! So I ventured out alone…surprisingly I didn’t get lost!


There were three main areas and a food court, the items were generally of a high quality and there were a lot of visitors though I didn’t have to que to get in. The last area also had the craft booths were you could make an item, these people were being taught to knit/crochet!


I felt awkward taking pictures of people’s items incase they thought I was stealing their ideas! So didn’t take many. Most of the stalls were art, either paintings or drawings, ceramic kitchenware, necklaces, bags, felt crafts, resin jewelry or handmade wooden items like chairs or ornaments.

I bought J a Shiba Inu stamp from Orang De Utan for ¥400.


Some resin floral earrings from Flower Market for me which were ¥2500.


Then a resin floral ring from Chonii for ¥1000.


I could have bought lots more but I restrained myself!


I think there is another event in May and I would definitely go again!

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