The time has come for me to throw away my Reverence perfume bottle as I just can’t get the reminding half a ml out. J bought it me for my 28th birthday at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. It doesn’t just smell amazing (an expensive version of Christina Aguilera x Hugo Boss women) but holds lots of memories for me. I always associate fragrance with memories.

Chanel Allure is when I first met J in 2005 (I got my first bottle for my 21st birthday).
Paco Rabanne XS our first trip to Japan in 2007.
Elizabeth Arden Pleasures and Benson & Hedges my granny (late 1990s).
Youth Dew my Mum on a rare night out when I was growing up.
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb my wedding in 2009.

My first perfume was CK One which my Granny (another perfume lover) bought me for christmas when I was about 12. Shortly followed by Cool Water and Hugo Boss for women. Cool Water reminds me of hot summer days and Hugo Boss of nightclubbing when I was 16-17.


My favorite fragrances are:
Dior Pure Poison
Chanel Allure
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Chanel Chance eau fraiche
Paco Rabanne XS

I also love fragrance on men. J really suits Vera Wang and Dior pour homme. It wasn’t until the last few years that I discovered where I got my fragrance love from, my Dad! When I passed my driving test at 17 I bought my Dad Kenzo Peace for men which he’d been going on about for a while (he taught me to drive), and since then he’s been going thorough about a bottle a month! I think he drinks the stuff!

Fragrance in Japan is uncommon and unpopular. It’s best not to smell of anything, and if you do a light fruity scent such as peach is best. When I occasionally walk past a man with fragrance I really love it and breathe in deep! I’ve been just sticking to one squirt of Chanel before getting dressed so I don’t smell too strong but occasionally get a whiff of it that puts a smile on my face. Though my coworkers were recently complaining of a student who wears ‘too much fragrance’ but I think smells lovely, so maybe will have to cut down even more….

What’s your favorite fragrance? I’d love to know and get more recommendations!


3 thoughts on “Fragrance

  1. Nice to read! It’s indeed so strongly tied with memories! I love certain smells just because of the memories, haha.

    My favourite smell has to be Nina by Nina Ricci because it just smells so fruity. I have three different versions of it, the limited edition one is lighter and more ‘spring’ feeling. It’s my go to scent though and I love all of them haha! I almost bought a limited edition ~sparkly~ Harrods only version but I couldn’t find it on the website to buy anywhere so meh.

    Cool Water reminds me of having fun with my friends when I was younger, but I also wear it myself sometimes when I feel the time is right – mostly clubbing and I don’t really know why haha.

    Coco Mademoiselle reminds me of winter (got it for my birthday which is in November) and generally good moods! My handbag-bottle has run out yesterday, I’m so sad! Will have to get a new one soon, that scent is really great.

    Those are really the three perfumes I use, I do like some other scents but for some reason over the past four years I just kept on getting more and more Nina. Haha. I have about five little apples on my shelf XD

    • PS bummer that you have to tone it down so much, I do understand where it might come from they, sometimes people really do put on too much!
      But I love putting it on and suddenly catching a whiff of it… Or putting on my coat that still smells or something like that…

    • Ooh seems we have similar tastes, though I’ve never smelt Nina! Next time I see it ill have to smell it! :) I’m glad you think so too, I have quite a good sense of smell so didn’t know if it was just me! :)
      (Thanks for commenting x)

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