Nijo Castle & Kyoto Glass

Monday we went back to Kyoto for a day trip. The weather was good and we took a stroll around Nijo Castle before heading into Higashiyama to pick up some bday presents for a friend.


I wore my dress from Alice and the Pirates for the first time, but didn’t try hard to coordinate it as I thought it would be under my coat most of the day, so I went for comfort.

View of Nijo Castle


We also sat down by the Kamigamo River like we did in summer when we were staying in Kyoto and had some food. We were surrounded by crows and a heron, so it wasn’t peaceful for long! 4 birds of prey kept circling and swooping down above my head! Scary!


On our walk back to the station I made J take me via Kyoto Glass (Teftef), a shop I’d seen on my last visit. They make cute intricate jewelry out of….glass. I’d been admiring some earrings on their website but didn’t know if they would suit me. The assistant spoke excellent English and asked me if I wanted to try one on as they had a clip on pair for this purpose. When I looked in the mirror, I knew I had to get them!

They were about ¥3995 and came in a gift box too. I love them!



2 thoughts on “Nijo Castle & Kyoto Glass

    • It’s quite unpopular as a tourist place but when you’ve been to all the big places I recommend you go! It’s nice and quiet! The only reason we went in 07 was because we stayed at the ANA hotel opposite!x

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