Osaka International Lolita Meet: Christon Cafe Osaka

On the 27th the Osaka lolitas met again to have a late lunch at Christon Cafe, Osaka.

I wore BTSSB Annelise jsk in green, meta sheer blouse, iw headbow, axes femme tights, off brand necklace, hairclip and shoes.

The tights!

The service at the cafe was a bit slow and I wasn’t blown away by the decor (although it was pretty), there was also no non-smoking area so when the table next to us started smoking we had nowhere to escape!

20130204-074916.jpg(Photo thanks to Karmen)

The menu wasn’t as themed as I would have liked but they did have a nice selection of fancy original cocktails. I ordered the lasagna and a mojito and later a chocolate orchestra drink.

20130204-075002.jpg(Photo thanks to Karmen)


The food was nice and not too overpriced, although there was a ¥300 table charge, even so I would go back again with J for a romantic dinner sometime.


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