Osaka International Lolita Meet: Atelier Pierrot Tea Party

Sunday was the Atelier Pierrot tea party, tickets cost ¥3250 and you could wear anything big or small from any of the brands they stock.

My outfit shot, I changed my bolero to a Victorian Maiden one of Karmens as my VM dress didn’t make it in time.

Big hair and eyelashes!

Karmen was late due to an eyelash glue disaster so we missed the fashion show and turned up during photo time!

So cute.

My turn…not as cute!

Some of the shop staff.

We had a short walk to the cafe for the tea party part!

The cafe was anatomy themed, lots of surgery instruments, skeletons and drip bags around.

The delicious food!

My lovely table companions! We played a few games where the answer was either A or B and you had to hold up the one you thought was correct. It was really fun! The winners could choose from the new selection of Atelier Pierrot clothes.

All guests got to choose a gift from a small selection of AP jewelery, I chose a crown necklace, and we got gift bags with a AP tote bag too.


I had a really fun time even though my Japanese is practically nonexistent, and felt welcome, I’d definitely go again!

Thanks Atelier Pierrot!

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