Kobe lolita shopping haul

Today I went to Kobe with J, first we went to Vivre to check out all my favorite shops.

Innocent World had some lovely things in the sale, I got:

Large brown velvet bow.

Marine Rose jsk, short, chocolate.

Beautiful lace bolero in brown.

Tulle lace smooth bolero, chocolate.

All 50% off!

After we headed to China town, got some gyoza and bubble tea.


Next we went to the Port area in Honeys I got these awesome boots, for ¥1995!


The port shopping centre had lots of valentines things –



They had this 3D picture opportunity too…


I had a really fun day and I can’t wait to wear my new clothes!

2 thoughts on “Kobe lolita shopping haul

  1. I really love the bolero so I hope you do too! The pictures don’t capture the nice lace around the front or at the end of the sleeves at all! I look forward to seeing a pic of you wearing it! :)
    Thanks you, I like the last pic too, was really fun and the colors are so bright!x

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