Lucky Pack and Sales shopping Osaka 2013

Late Dec early Jan is 福袋 (fukubukuro) aka lucky pack season! Shops sell off their old stock in a hidden bag so you don’t know what you are buying except that it is a bargain. For example Swimmers ¥3000 LP contains ¥15000 of stock. Nowadays you can often choose the colour or size of the LP items or there will be an example picture of the contents. Shops like Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shrine Bright make special LPs with items made just for the LP.

Most LPs are available the first opening day after New Year, either the 1st or 2nd Jan. On NYE I saw some girls queuing at OPA and apparently the que got two blocks long by 8am. Though it wasn’t quite as epic as the girls I saw queuing all night at Shibuya 109, Tokyo in 2009. This years Harajuku LP craziness is here!

Sam and I decided to try for an Angelic Pretty lucky pack on the 2nd. We arrived later than planned, about 11am and que was still down the street!


It moved pretty quick and after 45mins we were at the door.


Our friend Lona told us all the Toy March had gone and the only salopette LP left was pink, she was getting the JSK set in black and me and Sam decided to do the same!

(This but black).

It took another hour in the que to pay but eventually our mission was complete! I had to rush to Liz Lisa to collect my reserved LP and then had plans with our friends in the aft. Sam and I parted in Umeda with a high five for luck!


I ordered a small ¥5000 Liz Lisa LP a few weeks ago in store and had to collect it on the 2nd from their HEP 5 branch. HEP 5 was crazy and made it to the shop with minimal fuss. In my LP I had a cream jumper which is cute, a cream cardigan (which makes me look pregnant!) and a brown onesie shorts thing…which I love but cuts me in half!

So cute but unwearable!

Of course I got it all in the cute bag which I adore.


Other LPs
I bought a small accessories LP for ¥1000 from a store in Shinsaibashi.

It was mostly tat, there is one plain black headband that is ok.

Of course alongside LPs are regular sales. On the 3rd I went back to Amemura and bought a few things from Baby, two dresses 50% off!

As I’m turning 30 this year (as J keeps reminding me!) I want to wear more classic.

Sneak preview! (The blouse is from the AP LP).

I also got a blouse and skirt 20% off in the Axes Femme sale.


And a cute bracelet I’d seen in the summer in Liza Lisa that was 50% off.


I saw a ¥15725 LP in Innocent World but decided I’d spent enough already and went home.

Inside the AP LP!
Of course I knew what was inside before I bought it, and the colour was on the tag. Previously I’ve always thought the quality of LPs to be very poor. So I was surprised to see nice-ish lace and an ok quality to the bag and blouse.



Sorry I was too lazy to unwrap it, I might upload better pictures later.

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