New Years Soba: Omisoka

Our last NYE in Japan we qued for over an hour at Kanda Yabusoba in Tokyo, we later saw it featured on TV the same evening!

This time we wanted to eat epic soba for new year as well. We googled ‘best soba in Osaka’ and found two candidates. James had the final vote and went for Genji Soba.

We were a bit late setting off and were worried that the que was so big we wouldn’t get in, luckily the place was very quiet.


There were only 4 other people eating when we arrived. The waitress showed us the menu and said only two items were left (she later told us it was a special Omisoka menu). Soba with ebi or with mushroom. We ordered one of each.


The food :



The soba was delicious, delicately flavored, as was the green tea.

While we were eating we noticed the other customers coming to the kitchen to bow and give thanks to the chef for the tasty soba before leaving. When it was our turn to leave we were the only remaining guests and did the same. The lovely waitress who spoke a handful of English words brought the guest book for us to sign and a gift for me from the chef.


We signed the book and had our picture taken for it, and asked for a picture in return!


They asked us to visit again and I’m sure we will :)


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