Chocolate Rosette

Chocolate rosette was released this summer, and I saw some of the items hanging around in APs Osaka branch up to a week after release. I liked it but the material was so thick and it was sweltering so thought it was a pointless purchase if I couldn’t wear it. Also I thought I’d get it cheaper on auctions when summer was over. WRONG! I started actively looking for it in October but the prices were always above RRP! Whilst hanging with the Osaka lolitas I saw it in a second hand store and asked how much it was – ¥33000 for a salopette!

So obviously I was excited when I saw on the Tokyo blog it was going to be released with a new green colour way. I popped into AP but they only had small samples, the lovely assistant that I always see there said it would be out on the 22nd. Saturday. When I was working from AP open to close. I had to hope they had some left for me on Sunday!

Sunday at 11.05, 5 mins past opening I was there!

One brown jsk, one green salopette, and a brown, navy and green skirt…

I tried on the navy skirt and brown jsk. The navy skirt was perfect! But I didn’t have anything to match and wasn’t very loli in cut, so took the jsk. The whole time I was there the phone was ringing off the hook! Obvs with people after Chocolate Rosette!


I also got TWO free gifts. An Angelic Pretty fondue kit!


And Angelic Pretty candle!

So cute!

Wearing the dress the next day!

I’m so glad I was able to purchase it second time around and receive two cute free gifts

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