Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma Store Umeda

I can’t believe I’ve lived in Osaka nearly 4 months and only just found the Rilakkuma Store!


I tried to find it once but ran out of time and had to give up and go to work, but the second time I was determined! Even though I knew it was in the Hankyu San Bangai North wing 1F I still had trouble locating it. The shopping centre is split into North and South and you have to go to the basement restaurant floor to be able to walk between the two.


The New Year items had just been released, 2013 is year of the snake!

Sadly most of the Christmas items had been sold, they had some Korilakkumas left that’s all.


I got one! So cute.


I also picked up a hand warmer cover and knitted bobble hat!

A day or two after this I found an amazing lucky pack in Vivre in Nara, it’s closing in the new year and they made LPs with the rilakkuma stock. I got some Kiiroitori slippers, stickers, iPhone cover, Kiiroitori keychain plushie and mechanical pencil. Not bad for ¥2000.


I hope Santa will bring me more Rilakkuma items soon!

I just got this guy from the Rilakkuma Store today, he’s a bag and super soft <;3


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