Kobe Luminarie

Yesterday J and I spent the day shopping in Tennoji then headed over to Kobe to see their light attraction. It is to commemorate the 1995 earthquake and here is the official website. It was very cold 0 degrees, so we wrapped up warm, covered ourselves in heat bags and filled a flask with coffee.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as on their posters it looks epic but wondered if it was just clever photography and in real life wouldn’t look so good.

When we arrived in Sannomiya we were early so nipped into an arcade to take purikura!

And visited AP and other lolita shops which were handily located on one floor of the Vivre shopping centre. It was a lovely shopping experience a bit more like Shinjukus marui with everything together.

When we left we headed towards where we thought the lights were and noticed lots of official looking people holding boards and ushering people across the road and into some barriers. We joined the crowds and got swept along inbetween some barriers towards the lights. A sign we passed showed the route and said it would take 15mins to get there.

Eventually we turned a corner and saw this…


There was soft choir music playing as you walked under the arches it was a lovely atmosphere. At the end you cross the road and into the park for more lights.



So pretty!

There were also lots of food stalls in this area and we picked up some omuyaki.

The event was free but they do ask for a ¥100 donation, which you can give to this guy.


After a few hrs we headed home to warm up and thaw out! I really enjoyed the luminarie and it lived up to my expectations. If you get the chance you should go too! x


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