Lolitas in Osaka – Osaka International Lolita Meet

In the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to meet up with a few local lolitas.

On 29th Oct I met with Tomoko, we went shopping to Qpot to buy cute ghosts for Halloween and then to Amemura to go lolita shopping!


It was great shopping with a Japanese lolita as I learnt a few things like that they keep stock in the back and not everything is on display. Tomoko was looking at a mint toy parade skirt, and asked the assistant if they had any more colors and out she pops with 4 toy parade ops!


I wore APs Royal Chocolate, that after my failed Tokyo purchase I got in Fukuoka AP a few weeks later.

Then on 11th Nov I met with Lona and Sam :) we went to Kitahama Retro for afternoon tea, window shopping and purikura!


Despite the rain we had a good time!


This day I wore APs Rose Toilette, and my sugary carnival cardigan my mother sent over for me. My coat next I think!

It was great meeting these lovely lolitas and I look forward to meeting up with them all lots more in the future!


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