High Street Shops

As well as the usual lolita brand shops I love I have found a lot of other high street stores selling amazing clothes and thought I would share!


I am very much in love with Fi.n.t at the moment they have a lot of ‘British style’ items and some with random French words like the beret with ‘Bonjour!’ on.
Fi.n.t online shop

Honey Bunch
Honey Bunch is more of a Gal brand I think but they have some very cute ‘British’ items at the moment too.

Including this very cute skirt!
Honey Bunch online shop

Par Avion

I particularly like this watch cardigan, and when I was in store they had a cute top with embroidered candys on.
Par Avion Webstore

The Emporium

I was lucky enough to buy a bag and cute sailor cardigan at The Emporiums end of summer 70% off sale, among the boring items are some cute finds like this hat.
The Emporium Webstore

I have bought a few things from Sango – some sandals, flower hair clip and a cute blouse. Sadly they don’t have a Webstore but you can learn more from this excellent blog entry and a shop list here.


There are lots of cute cheap shoe shops in Japan for 1800-2500yen a pair. Randa is more expensive but appears to be much better quality. I have my eye on some fur lined moccasins for winter.
Randa online shop


Womb seems to be disposable(ish) trends and fashions, I recently got a galaxy skirt there for 1500yen. It’s quite young but worth a look.
Womb webstore

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