Shopping in Nagoya

Lolita shopping in Tokyo and Osaka is quite well documented but I found Nagoya to be a good shopping area for lolita.

The usual brand shops Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World and a Kera Shop are all on the 5th floor in Nova. The shopping centre is very tired looking and the clothes in other departments are not very fashionable at all!



I was able to pick up from AP some short navy Chocolate Rosette socks for my friend that were sold out in Osaka and Tokyo. Then in Innocent World I treated myself to the lotta jsk from the half price sale which I had seen in Tokyo about 5 weeks ago and got sold whilst I was still deciding if I wanted it.

There are two second hand lolita shops, Violet Blue and Bloody Mary Rose. The latter seemed more gothic so didn’t bother going, but Violet Blue had a few goodies!


AP cutsew, Meta skirt and IW bolero all for ¥4410! The skirt is a v old print and the cutsew is also a few years old but both are in excellent condition. The IW bolero is gorgeous but has a stain on the elbow, however instead of the ¥10,000 price tag it was only ¥540.

They have a blog here and is where we got directions from. It’s in the covered shopping area in Osu. Their prices were very reasonable as you can see above, but they also had a fantastic dolly pink op for ¥13500 and a very old classic BTSSB dress for ¥2500!

The same shotengai shopping area has a lot of vintage stores with retro dresses and accessories and some cute street fashion items.

I would definitely come shopping here again!

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