The beach

We spent a few days at the beach last week in Usami.


Beach culture was a lot like that in the UK – umbrella hire, ice cream and inflatables. I didn’t see many people playing in the sand making sandcastles but it is more dirty volcanic sand rather than golden sand.

The sea was super salty and the waves could knock you over – infact I got flipped upside down by strong waves a number of times!

The next town along was having a summer celebration, we saw some fireworks from our bedroom window the first two nights and decided to walk around the bay and investigate the third night.

So glad we did! There was a real festival atmosphere, yukata, food stalls and lanterns.


These lanterns were put in the water and floated down towards the sea.


It was so pretty and serene just sitting on the banks with the locals eating kakigori and watching them float by.

A round of spectacular fireworks went off again just at the mouth of the river.


The following day we were passing through again on a trip back from Mt.O-muro and heard drumming in the distance.

A taiko drum show! We sat and watched for a few hours, and it was finished by another fireworks show!


And the grand finale!


I really enjoyed myself in Usami and the celebrations in Ito were really special. Our hosts were very sweet and doubled our room size for us and presented me with a yukata for relaxing in when we said goodbye.

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