My birthday

Last year I spent my birthday at the Palace of Versailles in Paris so it was always going to be difficult to top it this year, but I think we did it!

We started with a boat ride from Asakusa to the Hama-rinkyu Gardens.


When we arrived we went straight to a scenic spot for a picnic.


I’d asked for wine and cheese for my birthday as they are pricy and hard to get here, and the husb delivered! We also had mini croissants, baguettes and Japanese rice crackers.

Our picnic view over Tokyo Bay.

After we were full we walked around the gardens and took many more photos!


Then J led me back on the train to Asakusa. Passing Senso-ji we decided to go in and pray.


Then he led me around the corner to this place –

A dog cafe!!


These guys are just too cute! The Yorkshire terrier is the cafe manager and the Poodle his deputy! The Yorkie seemed like security as he barked at anyone passing!

We got some drinks and a bag of doggie treats for them!

It was a really lovely cafe/bar where instead of loads of puppies running around these were the owners dogs hanging out. The wall had pictures of all it’s doggie customers – they were all adorable, and it would be a great place to socialise with your pooch.

Cafe A +

Have you been to a pet cafe?!

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