Having attended Tanabata and Gion Matsuri so far in Japan (with many more festivals to come) I bought a few yukata.

I started with a set from Takashimaya in Tokyo that cost 8800¥ but came with the yukata, ties, obi, pre made bow and sandals.


Having never worn yukata before we looked up the proper way of wearing it online, J used this guide. The most important rule it seems is that the left side stays on top.

For a first attempt I thought it was ok but there was definite room for improvement. I did check with the Japanese lady at the place we were staying and she said it was ok.

Worn again in Kyoto a little better but I think my obi is too low.

At Gion Matsuri I was able to pick up another yukata at the festival for 1500¥ in a sale.

The second yukata is smaller so there isn’t as much to fold up and seems easier to wear, I much prefer it.

I think my yukata wearing still needs some improvement, I would like to flatten my chest area some more and get an obiita to keep my obi flat and wrinkle free.

Lastly a picture from behind!

I would reccomened wearing a yukata to a Japanese summer festival, I had some lovely comments from people. Hopefully the locals didn’t mind me joining in as well.


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