Recent loli adventures

On 26th March I went to the Manchester Japanese Fashion meet.
Jsk – Innocent World
Bolero & headbow- Baby, the stars shine bright
Shoes & tights – off brand
Bag – vintage

I wore my new Innocent World dress and it was lovely to meet some people who are into other Japanese street styles like fairy kei and decora.

Last weekend we went to London, we had a lovely time meeting up with friends and having dinner.
At Chin Chin Labs having nitro peanut butter ice cream *yum*

Jsk – Metamorphose Apple dress
Cardigan – BTSSB

Purikura <;;;3

Then today J and I went to Coppers Tea Room an old Police station that has been converted into a cafe.

The basement still had old cells you could go in!

Hope now the weather is getting nicer I can have more loli adventures.

Blouse – off brand
Cardigan – Baby the stars shine bright school cardigan
Skirt – APs Sugary Carnival
Tights – Vivienne Westwood
Plastic headbow – BTSSB
Shoes – AP Teaparty shoes


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